5 Best Gyms in Uptown

Quads Gym

Quads Gym has gained a reputation as a hotspot for bodybuilders, but its friendly atmosphere welcomes people of all fitness levels. This no-frills gym has a heavy focus on quality service and offers an abundance of strength and cardio equipment. It’s a great place if you want to focus on your workout and not be bothered with chit chat. However, if you need a little help now and then, other members and trainers are always more than happy to lend a hand or demonstrate how the equipment works. Membership options are all non-contract and range from daily to yearly.

The Lawrence House

Not to toot our own horn, but one of the best gyms in Uptown Chicago is right in The Lawrence House. This fitness center will please everyone from weight lifters to swimmers with a wide variety of amenities to help you reach your fitness goals. It comes fully equipped with a boxing ring, weights, and cardio equipment. Plus, it also has a pool off to the side. Need some extra motivation or guidance? Fitness classes are also available. If you tend to grow bored of the same old workout day in and day out, this is the gym for you! This Uptown gym is exclusively available to the Lawrence House residents and occupants from other FLATS Chicago apartments.

Bodi Shak

A group approach to fitness can make it fun and help keep you motivated. And one of the best places in Uptown for group classes is Bodi Shak, which is run by one of the most sought-after fitness professionals in Chicago, Antonio Coke. This fitness studio offers high-intensity workouts like HIIT that will get your blood pumping, as well as slower classes like strength and yoga to sculpt and tighten. If you really want to get moving, try signing up for one of their fitness bootcamps. Beyond the good vibes and sense of community that this gym provides, they also have flexible membership options: yearly, monthly, or class packs.

First Ascent Climbing & Fitness

If you want a workout that goes beyond cardio machines and weightlifting, then First Ascent Climbing and Fitness is worth a whirl. A membership will give you access to all of their locations scattered across Chicago, but the Uptown studio is home to yoga and rock climbing, as well as a standard gym. All of which can be explored through their virtual gym tour. The climbing wall is a fun form of exercise to do with friends and this gym’s day pass or 10-time pass makes that possible without a big commitment—you can even share the 10-time pass. Newcomers can also participate in one of the climbing courses to get a better grip on bouldering. More of an experienced climber? With multiple climbing walls and routes that continuously change, you won’t get bored!

All Strength Training

All Strength Training offers a no commitment, free trial, but the individual care they extend to their clients will keep you coming back for more. Their approach to fitness encompasses not just physical strength and weight loss but well-being in its entirety. This includes addressing healthy eating habits and self-care needs, such as flexibility, mobility, and recovery. Another reason why this is one of the best gyms in Uptown is that their fitness programs are made for everyday people with busy schedules. Workouts are condensed into 30-minute intervals, including those offered in small class settings (4 people or under). But don’t be fooled. While the workouts may be short, they get more done than in most 60-minute gym sessions!